Klenor – Swedish Christmas Donut


*Recept på Svenska nedan*

A Classic Swedish Christmas cookie. This is one of those table desserts that practically every houehold in Sweden has at home. They either bake it themselves or theybuy it. But its deffinitly there! Klenätor or Klenor, is made from a doughnut-type of dough and then fried in coconut oil, and covered with a little icing sugar. its absoluty delicious, and mine, well as usual they have a bit of Ammna touch to it by adding some lemon! Gving that extra punch of flavour! Do try it at home, its super easy and a lot of fun!

Heres how you bake them!


Ingredients : 

  • 8 egg yolks
  • 200 g icing sugar (2 dl)
  • Lemon peel of 2 lemons
  • 5 tblsp lemon juice
  • 500 g flour (5 dl)
  • 100 g melted butter, cooled
  • 500 g coocnut oil/butter (for frying)

Method : 

  1. In a large bowl, mix together the egg yolks, icing sugar, lemon peel and lemon juice thoroughly.
  2. Then add in the flour and the cooled melted butter. Mix until combined and a nice dough forms. Leave to retst in the fridge for 4 hours.
  3. Roll out into roughly 1.5-2 cm thickness. Then slice using a knife (or pizza cutter) diagonally both ends, so you are left with a rectangular diamon shape, (see images below). Then slice a tiny slit in the middle of each klenät, and fold in one end.
  4. Hvae your coconut oil melted and ready heated on medium in a large pot. Dig the klenor in the pot until golden brown. Take out, and let rest. Once they are cooled dust with some icing sugar, and voila! Your christmassy Swedish treat is ready!


59466972611__0428FAC6-D3C7-4DA3-BF9D-6E39EC0AFC26 2


En klassisk julkaka som ska friteras och rullas i socker eller lite florsocker. Kräver lite jobb, men är ett måste på kakfatet!

Ingredienser :

  • 8 äggulor
  • 2 dl florsocker
  • rivet citronskal av 2 citroner
  • 5 msk citronsaft
  • 5 dl vetemjöl
  • 100 g smält smör
  • 500 g kokosfett (att fritera i)

Gör så här:

  1. Blanda ihop äggulor, socker, citronskal och citronsaft.
  2. Tillsätt mjölet och det avsvalnade smöret.
  3. Knåda ihop till en deg. Låt degen vila 4 timmar i kylskåp.
  4. Kavla ut (skär och vik som i bilden nedan) och fritera i kokosfett tills de är gyllenbruna. Rulla dem i socker medans de är varma.

IMG_0153IMG_0185IMG_0208IMG_0214IMG_0219IMG_0225IMG_023859466972611__0428FAC6-D3C7-4DA3-BF9D-6E39EC0AFC26 259466974182__6A75E508-12A3-421D-B756-EFA1E754165859466971448__7E73F2A5-ADDE-48A5-9DD6-CE952E4D75AC


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