Gingerbread Cake Pop Log

Cake pops are so awesome. They basically save left over cake or cake that didn’t turn out super perfect. In Sweden (where I live) a version of the ‘cake pop’ has been around for ages.. called the ‘dammsugare’ which translates to vacuum cleaner.. not really sure how the name came about but I’m guess it’s the way it looks .. resembling a 60-70’s style vacuum cleaner? It’s basically looks like a log with both ends dipped in melted chocolate. The main difference between the American Cake Pop and the Swedish version Dammsugare, is that we add a very specific flavour to it called arrak and it’s wrapped/covers in marzipan. (We love marzipan here lol)

I decided to make a christmassy version of it with some left over gingerbread cake (I’ve added my recipe for the cake below as a link or you can just buy one ready made if you don’t have the time) , I didn’t add any arrak taste to it but I did add some nuts, plus the marzipan and some white chocolate (also green sprinkles for the festive season obviously! Lol)

They are easy and fun to make. Both kids and adults LOVE them.. literally my husband can’t keep his fingers away from them! 🤣

Here’s how you bake them!


  • 100g chopped walnuts
  • 100g chopped almonds
  • 150g chocolate buttercream/frosting (click here for my recipe)
  • 1 tbsp cinnamon
  • 1 packet marzipan (brown if you can find it , if not then just colour it brown with some gel food colouring)
  • 100g white chocolate, melted and cooled
  • Green sprinkles for decoration


In a large bowl, start my breaking apart the gingerbread cake until it starts resembling rough sand. Then add in the buttercream/frosting, chopped walnuts, chopped almonds and the cinnamon. Mix either with a blender or by hand until it all comes to get her as a dough.

On a parchment paper or baking paper, roll out your marzipan to about 1cm thickness.

Then take roughly 1/4 of the batter/cake and roll into a long log and place it along one side of the marzipan. Roll it away from you until the long log is fully covers with marzipan.

With a sharp knife slice off the remaining marzipan and then cut equal sized mini logs. Mine were roughly 4cm long each.

Continue this until all the batter is finished and turned into mini logs.

Grab your melted white chocolate and dip both ends of the log into the white chocolate (this acts like a ‘seal’) decorate with some sprinkles (I used green) and let it set on a weird rack. Repeat with all.

And voila! Your Christmas cake pop logs are ready! Enjoy!


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