Schwarzwald Cake – Swedish version of a Black Forest

Instagram: @bakedbyammna | Use Hashtag: #bakedbyammna | Youtube: Baked By Ammna Honestly hands down one of my favourite cakes. Both to bake and to eat! So as most of my cakes it’s easy peasy. No difference there. However the taste is just YUMMMY! Outside of Sweden a Black Forest cake is known to be something different however in Sweden they have their own version – this one 😉 … Continue reading Schwarzwald Cake – Swedish version of a Black Forest

Coffee Chocolate Brownies

Its Tuesday, and even though Mondays is when you drink a lot of coffee, Tuesday for me is the day where i’m totally into my work and drink even more coffee! So what better way to substitute a cup of coffee (or compliment one!) with some coffee dark chocolate brownies topped with some dark chocolate ganache! I say YUM! Here’s how you bake them! INGREDIENTS  … Continue reading Coffee Chocolate Brownies

VEGAN – Coffee Chocolate Cake

There is no denying my love for chocolate and cakes. And I love butter, really butter. But many people around me (friends and family) have recently become Vegan, and it’s just so hard to see that there isn’t really anything out there that really tickles my tastebuds when it comes to vegan desserts. So that is why I went on the mission (because you don’t … Continue reading VEGAN – Coffee Chocolate Cake

Mocha Chiffon Cake

There is nothing like a good chocolate cake. However sometimes you don’t want something so decadent.. i know what you’re thinking.. ‘Ammna really saying she doesn’t want something so decadent??!!” crazy right.. but yea now and then you want the chocolate boost but not overpowering. So here is a light and fluffy chiffon cake with chocolate and coffee giving you the perfect mocha flavouring. Here’s … Continue reading Mocha Chiffon Cake

Tiramisu with Dark & White Chocolate

Tiramisu can be tricky sometimes but it definitely is Amazing! And the recipe I’ve created is super easy! Its an amazing bake-ahead cake that can easily be the main event at any dinner party! Mine has a little magic of dark and white chocolate in it. Here’s how you make it! INGREDIENTS 568ml whipping cream 250g mascarpone 75ml espresso 5 tbsp light brown sugar 300ml … Continue reading Tiramisu with Dark & White Chocolate