Firni – Soft rice pudding with orange zest

I created this desert in conjunction with ! We both created an Indian dinner and dessert meal to share with you guys! She created an amazing Palek Paneer (Which is a yummy spinach and cheese Indian curry) and I accompanied it with an Indian dessert Firni! (Scroll allll the way down to both of our videos creating these yummy deserts! And head on over … Continue reading Firni – Soft rice pudding with orange zest

Ammna’s Chickpea Delights

Theres nothing like trying new things. Especially when it comes to sweet treats. In Asia sweet desserts are not always classed as super sweet and sugary as they are in the west. flavours like cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg, rice flour, and chickpea flour are commonly used in desserts in Asia, Especially in India/Pakistan region. Here are my little delights made from Chickpea flour, that are my … Continue reading Ammna’s Chickpea Delights

Fig & Coconut Cashew Bars

Its the season for figs, and what better way to have figs than to make a dessert with it! 😉 These yummy, chewy, creamy delicious fig, coconut and cashew bars may be healthy, but they are amazing! They’re also vegan, gluten-free, lactose free and no-bake!!!! Here’s how you make them! INGREDIENTS : Base – ½ cup walnuts 1/4 cashews ¼ cup almonds 2 tbsp desiccated … Continue reading Fig & Coconut Cashew Bars

Blackberry White Chocolate Cream Cheese Babka!

A babka can be considered to be a brioche, a sweet bread. Soft and fluffy. However my previous recipes for the Babka was a dark chocolate crunch Babka. And seeing that this is the perfect season for berry picking, I had recently picked over 5 kg of blackberries! And so decided to make a blackberry babka.. but not just with berries, with white chocolate cream … Continue reading Blackberry White Chocolate Cream Cheese Babka!

Fluffly Vanilla Pastry Cream

If you are in search of  a rich frosting or filling but not too dense or heavy. Well a vanilla pastry cream is your go to! You can easily fluff it up even more by adding more whipped cream (this makes it into a diplomat cream) and add it into your tarts, cakes, donuts, coux buns, literally anything! But the regular old vanila pastry cream, … Continue reading Fluffly Vanilla Pastry Cream

Crunchy & Sticky Honeycombe

Nothing like a nice little treat with your coffee in the afternoons, or evenings. Well here’s my recipe for honeycombe. This is a chewy, crunchy sticky little treat, that’S super yummy, no one will ever say no to it! Here’s how you make it! INGREDIENTS:  200g caster sugar 5 tbsp honey (or you could use syrup) 1½ teaspoons bicarbonate of soda METHOD:  Put the sugar … Continue reading Crunchy & Sticky Honeycombe

Coconut & Almond Chocolate Chip Bars (Gluten-free, Paleo, & Vegan)

So here’s the thing, sometimes you just want to experiment and see if you can create a ‘healthier’ treat so you don’t feel too bad (or like me don’t feel too bad eating a lot!) These bars are Gluten free, vegan friendly, as well as paleo. Plus they have the lowest carb and sugar levels from nearly all of my baked goodness! Now that’s a … Continue reading Coconut & Almond Chocolate Chip Bars (Gluten-free, Paleo, & Vegan)

Chocolate Biskvi

Let’s face it, bite sized treats are the best! Especially when there’s chocolate involved.. and they’re GLUTEN FREE! So here is my recipe for a quick easy, amazingly yummy treat! Here’s how you make them! INGREDIENTS For the Almond Biscuit Base 450g almondpaste 75g eggwhites 125g sugar For the dark chocolate ganache 2 cups 200 g of dark chocolate 1 tsp of sea salt For … Continue reading Chocolate Biskvi

Walnut & Chocolate Meringue Cake with Summer Berries

Summer is time for amazing meringue, yummy fruits and some soft creamy deliciousness! Thats why I suggest you try out my super duper packed with flavour and crunch meringue cake! It has walnuts, chocolate, mascarpone, berries – pretty much everything a summer dinner dessert could asked for! This is definitely to win over your guests with! Plus its super duper simple! Here’s how you make … Continue reading Walnut & Chocolate Meringue Cake with Summer Berries