Ultimate December Cake – Gingerbread, Cherry, Whip Fluff

This is the ultimate December Cake! Filled with gingerbread spices, tart cherries and a fluffy whipped cream cheese! I mean who could say NO?! I am lactose intolerant so I used Aito oat whip which worked great! A lot of my recipes show lactose products but I just substitute them for lactose free for myself and they are lovely! This is a very easy cake, … Continue reading Ultimate December Cake – Gingerbread, Cherry, Whip Fluff

Three Layered combo – Cookie/Brownie/Cream Cheese!

Yes you read right! This is a cookie dough base cake with a brownie center and cream cheese frosting topped on top! the best combo EVER! I mean.. if you ever need carb loading, then here it is folks! plus it tastes AMAZING! It’s not hard to bake, could take a little time, but most fo us are home these days, so why not!? 😉 … Continue reading Three Layered combo – Cookie/Brownie/Cream Cheese!

Strawberry & Vanilla Macaron Trifle

So as the Hallmark Holiday – Valentines Day is creeping up on us.. I thought it would be best suited that I bake something extravagant. I am not a V-day person to be honest, never really understood it, because I love my loved ones and appreciate them all year round, not just one day.. However.. that being said .. I do know and understand many … Continue reading Strawberry & Vanilla Macaron Trifle

Vanilla, Raspberry & Mascarpone Cupcake

As its January and its still very icy cold and windy (sometimes rainy) outside, why not introduce some summer into your life! Try my superbly easy, moist, yummy, flavourful cupcake – the bottom has whole raspberries, with the vanilla cupcake on top, piped with raspberry mascarpone cream fluff – and with the always ‘extra’ Ammna flair – some merengue bits (totally not necessary but always … Continue reading Vanilla, Raspberry & Mascarpone Cupcake

Incredibly Moist Red velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Fluff!

It’s nearly New Years, and I kept thinking what to bake.. and well all I actually wanted was a traditional yummy moist red velvet cake with some fluffy cream cheese frosting. And yes, that’s exactly what I made! This cake is fluffy, soft, moist, creamy and verrryyyy delicious! The ingredient list might look long, but trust me it’s the easiest cake ever! And loved by … Continue reading Incredibly Moist Red velvet Cake with Cream Cheese Fluff!

Black Bottom Cupcake with Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

So let’s talk about the Black Bottom Cupcake! Now I first tried one in New York, and then fell in love with them when living in London. Its basically a dark chocolate and coffee cupcake with a dollop of cheesecake inside of it and a soft cream cheese frosting on top. I mean these three combos, chocolate, cheesecake, and cream cheese.. how can you say … Continue reading Black Bottom Cupcake with Chocolate Chip Cheesecake

Red Velvet Baked Donuts!

Donuts are amazingly tasty, however the part that I always dislike in baking donuts is the frying in the oil part! It’s just that i’m SO clumsy, always end up getting some sort of oil splatter on me. However, I do love eating donuts.. so I decided to bake them! Then I decided to turn into the flavour that one of my friends ABSOLUTELY loves! … Continue reading Red Velvet Baked Donuts!

Tiramisu with Dark & White Chocolate

Tiramisu can be tricky sometimes but it definitely is Amazing! And the recipe I’ve created is super easy! Its an amazing bake-ahead cake that can easily be the main event at any dinner party! Mine has a little magic of dark and white chocolate in it. Here’s how you make it! INGREDIENTS 568ml whipping cream 250g mascarpone 75ml espresso 5 tbsp light brown sugar 300ml … Continue reading Tiramisu with Dark & White Chocolate