Chocolate & Almond Babka

A Babka is a sweet bread, kind of like a soft buttery brioche, but without heaps amount of butter! This specific recipe doesn’t need an overnight proof (like most Babka recipes do) plus you can easily make it in one evening and enjoy it the same night! I absolutely LOVE this bread, and decided to pair it with the obvious choice of chocolate as well … Continue reading Chocolate & Almond Babka

Raspberry Caves aka HallonGrottor

This is a traditional Swedish cookie, its a soft and crumbly sugar cookie with raspberry jam in the center. You just cant go wrong with this one. Perfect for kids, parties, snacks, coffee and even adults eat it up like no tomorrow! HallonGrottor is the name and literally translates to Raspberry Caves 🙂 Here’s how you do it! INGREDIENTS 200 g butter – at room … Continue reading Raspberry Caves aka HallonGrottor