Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with Vegan Peanut buttercream

Although I’m not Vegan, many of my friends around me have started to go vegan. So whenever I would bake, they would always feel so bad they couldn’t try and then I would feel bad that they couldn’t try! And that’s when I decided to start to try out baking something vegan. I have done some experiments, and this chocolate cupcake with peanut buttercream, is … Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cupcake with Vegan Peanut buttercream

Very Chocolatey Chewy Brownies

dont forget to tag : #bakedbyammna on instagram of you bake these delicious brownies! Do you like your brownies rich, chocolatey and fudgy, or light, cake, and a little bit chewy? Its not easy getting the Brownie completely exactly how you want it to be.. sometimes there a bit too dry and over cooked, and sometimes they are way too chewy and sludgy! Well I’ve … Continue reading Very Chocolatey Chewy Brownies